The greatest wealth is health!

Are we a good fit?

This is a process that requires individuals who are committed, patient, curious and driven to make adjustments to achieve desired results. I deeply value your time and mine. As such, I offer a free 15-minute consultation to insure we are a good fit.

In a safe, trusting partnership we look to systematically uncover food and lifestyle-related triggers and underlying causes that may be causing gastrointestinal distress(gas, bloating, burping, reflux) and chronic health conditions (the effects of stress, hypoglycemia, obesity, pre-metabolic syndrome, and more). Uncovering the "Whys" is the basis behind Functional Nutrition. I put my full mind, body, and soul into providing you with individualized wellness strategies, nutrition guidance, education, and motivation techniques. In return, I ask that you commit to putting your full mind, body, and soul into the wellness process.

Health and Nutrition Coaching

45 minutes to 1 hour consultation: $75

Remote consults are easily arranged and convenient. Walk and talk consults also encouraged.

I believe everyone should have the opportunity to connect with a wellness practitioner regardless of financial status. Mention prior to making an appointment so options can be discussed.

Cancellation Policy: If a cancellation occurs within 2 hours of appointed time, or if client misses a scheduled appointment time, the client is responsible for 50% of the one hour consultation fee.