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One of my biggest concerns is the effects that our food supply is having on our bodies and our planet. I was inspired to study a food as medicine approach for a healthy mind, body, and soul after suffering from a personal cascade of health issues due to an abundance of stress, grief, depression, and fear which resulted in profound hearing loss in one ear, significant tinnitus in both, and temporary heart issues. I lived for as long as I can remember with issues that were my normal: Raynaud's syndrome, body temperature imbalances, fatigue and narcolepsy, bloating, and constipation (all of which I was able to heal through methodical dietary interventions) . Additionally, I was deeply touched during an airport layover while observing a playful little child living with cancer who assumed a non-human appearance due to her illness: I felt compelled to help in some remote way.  I had lots of questions regarding the effects of stress, food, and environment that my health professionals left unanswered, so I enrolled in a school focused on functional and holistic nutrition, and sought out the most reputable resources for health and wellness. As a result, I was able to uncover my food sensitivities, learn mindful-based stress reduction techniques, and off-load daily fatigue with eating habits tailored specifically for my bio-individuality to achieve a fully vibrant, energetic life.

 It brings great joy to achieve similar results with my clients. 

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