Each of my clients come to me with unique circumstances such as unresolved health issues, a desire to create a different relationship with food, a yearning to optimize health, weight management issues, and/or needing nutritional support for stress, grief, emotional and mental issues. The reward is when we witness the transformation to wellness.

We work together based on the model of Functional Nutrition - we look to uncover the WHYs as they relate to food, lifestyle, and environment. I coach a holistic, organic, chemical-free approach to eating, and daily activity

My emphasis is on nutrition, our health, our relationship with our food supply, and connecting the dots between our inner and outer ecosystems. I offer what I have termed "Nutrission" - Nutrition with a Mission, which is based on science, research, curiosity and wonder. In many ways, it is a grouping of Environmental Nutrition, Ecological Nutrition, and Sustainable Nutrition.

My goals with individual consultations and education is to:

I have a vision to reclaim our health:

A world that is restored to harmony between humans, animals, plants and our living, breathing planet Earth...one bite at a time!

And this vision has come to define my deep rooted mission in this life: Connect Bites to Effects.

Awaken our inner wisdom in knowing that our health and well-being are inextricably linked to the health of our inner and outer ecosystems. 

Let's Enhance - Achieve - Transform: Together (Let's E.A.T. Together!)

I promise you that I will always hold myself to the highest standard of accountability and integrity by remaining true to my guiding values of how I can best serve you.

Guiding Values: 

I appreciate the value of commitment and the power of being part of a team, especially one as important as your wellness team. There is truly nothing more important than Your Health...

So let's get to it and Let's E.A.T. - Together!