Let's E.A.T...Together! Enhance - Achieve - Transform

Welcome to Mind Body Soul (Functional) Nutrition

with Nutrition Consultant, Health Coach, and Author Susan Schiliro Guegan

It is truly an honor to be selected to partner with individuals like yourself. Each of my clients come to me with a unique circumstance whether it be unresolved health issues, a desire to create a different relationship with food, a yearning to optimize health, weight management issues, and/or nutritional support for stress, grief, emotional and mental issues. The reward is when we witness the transformation to wellness.

We work together based on the model of Functional Nutrition - we look to uncover the WHYs as they relate to food, lifestyle, and environment. I coach a holistic, organic, chemical-free approach to eating, and promote an active lifestyle (in fact, when meeting face to face, I encourage my clients to meet me at a park or at a trailhead so we can walk, talk, move, and reduce stress).

My emphasis is on nutrition, our health, our relationship with our food supply, and connecting the dots between our inner and outer ecosystems. A ".Earth" domain was purposely selected to promote the betterment of life for all. This platform focuses on uniting and establishing cooperative relationships between individuals and organizations that wish to show their support for making Earth a better place. In alignment with this, I offer what I have termed "Nutrission" - Nutrition with a Mission, which is based on science, research, curiosity and wonder.

My goals with individual consultations and education is to:

  • Serve as a catalyst for you to embrace new habits for health and wellness.

  • Lead you to ask questions regarding food, health, environment, and all things related.

  • Lead to increased curiosity and wonder about the positive effect you can have on yourself, your family, your friends, your planet, by adopting small changes in your food choices alongside creating healthy habits that actually stick!

I have a vision to reclaim our health:

A world that is restored to harmony between humans, animals, plants and our living, breathing planet Earth...one bite at a time!

And this vision has come to define my deep rooted mission in this life: Connect Bites to Effects.

Awaken our inner wisdom in knowing that our health and well-being are inextricably linked to the health of our inner and outer ecosystems.

Let's Enhance - Achieve - Transform: Together (Let's E.A.T. Together!)

I promise you that I will always hold myself to the highest standard of accountability and integrity by remaining true to my guiding values of how I can best serve you.

Guiding Values:

  • Love Deeply - Life is too short not to!

  • Maintain curiosity and inquisitiveness - Learn and share!

  • Value Teamwork - When teamwork and collaboration exist, good things happen.

  • Always Find Gratitude in my Every Day - Be Grateful, Be a Smile, Be Decent!

  • Make a Daily Difference - Show up fully for all living beings, especially our Earth Mama!

I appreciate the value of commitment and the power of being part of a team, especially one as important as your wellness team. With years of experience in meal planning and preparation for a very active family of six, I understand the challenges in providing quality nourishment for yourself or a family. There is truly nothing more important than Your Health...

So let's get to it and Let's E.A.T. - Together!

How can a Nutrition Consultant help?

NC's are educated to help you navigate your food choices and habits to try to prevent and mitigate a variety of health issues. Qualified nutrition professionals have become an indispensible part of any health care team as gastrointestinal disorders and chronic diseases continue their rapid rise. The Center for Disease Control reports that "chronic diseases and conditions - such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and arthritis - are among the most common, costly, and preventable of all health problems." Poor nutrition and lack of physical activity are two health risk behaviors cited by the CDC that are at the root of much of the illness, suffering, and early death connected to chronic illnesses.

Eating is An Art

Eating Well is an art.

It doesn't require fancy cooking, but it does require practice and concentration.

Your body is not just yours, it is a gift and a responsibility.

To keep it healthy, we need to know how to eat.

Thich Nhat Hanh